The making of Art

Salumeria Franchi was established by Gianni Franchi and his wife Laura Ciullini in 1984, in a small firm in Follonica. The activity started off with its handmade production of Italian spit roasted pork, which launched the company’s history. Salumeria Franchi has now welcomed its second generation, and it works in a renovated factory supplied with its recognition number IT 9 2399 LP CE suitable for its activity.


Salumeria Franchi is characterised by its handmade production process, the butchery of Italian born and bred pig and its use of natural spices that keep the ancient flavours of Maremma and country folk recipes alive. The company offers its consumers a guaranteed product thanks to the continuous attention on the quality of raw materials, to the discipline employed in all stages of the production process and finally to the partnership established with its own suppliers to produce allergen free and no OGM goods as stated on the labelling.